Course organiser information

Whether this is your first visit or you are an experienced leader, or somewhere in between, these documents provide the essential admin and practical advice to help you get the most out of your course.

It’s really important that you are accurate with your group numbers and that you have read  the terms and conditions  and understand how these apply.

We will  work with you to ensure we meet your aims, together we will provide the best possible experiences for your group.

Using the pupil premium in support of the residential experience is a valid use of this grant. We can help you to gather the evidence to identify the benefits for those pupils supported through the use of the grant.

Our knowledge base provides further background reading and our Character Education page provides supporting materials for your course.

If you have any questions, no matter how small, please contact the relevant centre.

Each centre uses a similar format for collecting student, dietary and medical information so please ensure you download the correct one.


Individual centre notes

This document is used to record essential student information, please select the one for your centre and complete and return a minimum of 2 weeks before your course starts.

This information is required to allow the Centre to plan for your group. It’s really important to provide accurate information, to complete all relevant cells and return it in the same format.

Any problems contact the Centre and we will talk you through.

Booking Terms and Conditions

The booking terms and conditions are really important, please take time to read them as they apply to your booking. They will have been sent with your course confirmation and will have been accepted when your course was confirmed.

Our aim is not to have to charge for unfilled places, its better to book the  minimum places rather than be over ambitious.

Any problems please contact your chosen centre.

You may find these documents as useful background reading. You can find more on the Educational Visits page

Dave Thorne Bursary

The Oxfordshire Outdoor Learning Trust provides financial support for individuals through the Dave Thorne Bursary.

Bursaries are available to Oxfordshire children and young people who the school deems would directly benefit from financial support to attend a course at Kilvrough Manor, Woodlands, Yenworthy Lodge or Hill End.

Schools should apply directly to the OOLT, using the form in the attached document and providing the information requested. Bursaries are approximately 50% of the 5 day charge and can be requested for more than one child. Payment is made to the school, following the residential visit and on receipt of the impact pro forma, which should be returned to the OOLT.

Details of this Bursary and how to access it are in the documents below.