Character Education is being recognised by more schools as being central to supporting their aim of achieving and delivering the best for their children and young people. Character and resilience and not buzzwords, their importance and contribution is becoming ever more widely recognised, especially by employers.

At Oxfordshire Outdoors we will help you to gather evidence for your own character curriculum, please let us know in advance and discuss  your requirements with your Course Director – we will be only too pleased to help.

The article below, Developing Character, is written by Kevin Jackson, Service Lead and illustrates how you can develop character traits through a course at any of our Centres.

The exercises are base templates, feel free to adapt to your own design and layout. Please let us know if you do this, as others might be interested, thanks.


The following provide a range of resources and information:

The Jubilee Centre at Birmingham University is a dedicated research and development unit specialising in character. If you want to find out more this would be a good starting point.

The Association for Character Education is for schools, driven by teachers.

A character curriculum resource has been developed by Nottingham City Council. The Character Cards can be purchased through the SOLAR website: 

Useful reading

Check out the recently published Outdoor-Citizens-Character-And-Resilience-and-the-Outdoors-17072019 document, well worth a read

With increasing recognition of the critical role of ‘soft’ skills – for example, resilience in educational attainment and overall wellbeing – it’s time character education became more of a priority. Wayne Norrie, chief executive of Greenwood Academies Trust, explains how this plays a vital role in supporting wellbeing amongst students, as well as boosting educational attainment