Our courses - what we do

Our courses focus on bringing together the residential and activity elements, ensuring we provide a fully rounded  provision. Courses are designed to provide a potentially life enhancing experience and a lifetime of memories, linked to having fun, which is an integral feature of our courses.
At each centre a course director will ensure the course runs smoothly, co-ordinating the daily programme and ensuring your needs are met.

Course programmes are designed with visiting staff to ensure they meet identified school aims. Together we focus the residential and activity elements to achieve a sense of community; develop personal resilience; understand what is required to work as a team; stay safe; face and solve challenges; demonstrate appropriate communication; accept responsibility and display an ‘I CAN DO’ mindset.

Involving our groups in reviewing and reflecting on progress; working out what works and what doesn’t and why are equally important and feature throughout our courses.
The skills that children and young people develop during our courses are transferable to real life. We have skilled and professional staff teams who understand and know how to connect with all ages, delivering programmes that build on core values.
We will develop positive character traits in your groups.
Our aim is to make learning fun, enjoyable and real.

In addition to our popular adventure courses, we provide a wide range of additional options including:
– Provision for Oxfordshire NCS – a very successful long term partnership
– Direct curriculum options eg PE, Geography at GCSE and A/S levels.
– Teacher training: experiencing first hand what a high quality centre offers
– Adults: social groups working at whatever level you want, from relaxed to the more strenuous. However please note we do not accommodate stag or hen parties
– Training: apprentice groups; public service and similar are all welcome