Our vision
To become the preferred provider of high quality outdoor learning opportunities for schools and communities, within and outside of Oxfordshire

Our mission
Oxfordshire Outdoors will provide inspirational, challenging, high quality outdoor learning courses achieving success through involving, valuing, supporting and developing all users

For our visitors we will ensure:

  • we encourage participants to take ownership of their course; to drive their learning and to maximise the opportunities placed in front of them
    an inclusive ethos, providing opportunities for all
  • a common sense approach to managing safety, ensuring we have a balanced risk benefit approach
  • we provide experienced and capable staff to deliver our courses
  • we provide the resources required to support high quality delivery
  • we work in partnership with our visit leaders to design programmes that will challenge all participants to an appropriate level, through differentiated and progressive content
  • we recognise and celebrate successes and how to cope when it doesn’t work out
    we develop a respect and understanding of the complexities of preserving our venues and the wider environments in which we operate
  • we provide opportunities to enable participants to learn about themselves and others; to understand the needs of living together in a small community and to take responsibility for their actions
  • we value the contributions of all involved, enabling everyone to play their part and have fun
  • we provide time and resources to reflect on and analyse individual and group learning
  • we provide an opportunity for evaluation and feedback on each course

There are a number of universal values threading through our One Service approach:
Co-operation  Responsibility  Honesty  Happiness  Humility  Integrity  Tolerance  Respect

Combining these elements enables participants and leaders to recognise and extend the scope and range of their experiences, allowing One Service to provide transferable learning opportunities that really do last a lifetime.